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Pastor Maldonado


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se lo conosci lo adori !!!

sarà  che mi ricorda One ... ma a me Pastor piace e tanto.

Di suo ha che è velocissimo, un talento allo stato puro, entra e se deve fare il giro lo fa !!!

un gran bravo ragazzo tra l'altro, ancora troppo disordinato in gara ma questo crescerà  o sì che crescerà  !

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:D se mi devo fidare di mammamia ( e mi fido ) dico che se si avvicina solo di una spanna ad One avrà  il mio plauso ( tranne che per il supporto del bolivariano illustre ).

Certo se fosse meno "arrogutottu*" nei fatti - nello spirito ci sta - sarebbe meglio :asd:


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Dal -sito di Autosport, nella pagina in cui c'è il commento live ai test,


14:30 We have a visitor! Pastor Maldonado has joined the AUTOSPORT Live crew, so we'll get the Live chat underway.
14:32 The first question comes from Attila Dezso, who asks:
You won three times at Monte Carlo in GP2 and in WSR, and ran well in F1. What's your secret on these narrow streets?

Pastor Maldonado: "The secret to driving in Monaco is to drive with the heart. If you drive with your brain, you are scared with the walls! There is no space to do any mistakes and it's very narrow. You drive with your heart and try to get the maximum."
14:37 Dear Mr Maldonado, I'm curious to know did McLaren approach you when Lewis left last year?

Maldonado: "McLaren is a great team because they have always been in the top but I have got a responsibility in this team at Williams to put them to the top and before I leave the team I really want to win."
We have lost big names like Schumacher, Glock, Kovalainen and your ex-teammate Senna, but there are now a lot of talented young drivers like Bottas and Gutierrez. How do you see it and what do you think about the F1 grid in 2013?
Bogata, Hungary
Maldonado: "It's difficult to say. There is a new generation here, a very strong one and I support that. But at the same time I feel a bit disappointed to see some very good drivers leaving Formula 1."
14:41 After your Catalunya victory you have proved that you deserve to be in F1 but you had some incidents again last season. How do you plan to reduce the number of incidents on-track this year?
Liam Johnson

Maldonado: "Yes, for sure. I really don't want to get involved in any incidents this year and I will do my best. But this is racing and when you are racing and fighting for victories or places, you must do your best just as the others are. Sometimes there is some contact during the racing and it will be like that in all motor-racing,
forever. If it's not, there is no more racing. I agree that we need to avoid the incidents, but we are racing!"
14:46 You clearly have natural lightning pace and have immediately shaken off the 'pay driver' stories with your unbelievable speed in the car. What technical developments are you looking for to better suit the car to your style this year?
David Surgenor

Maldonado: "I really like the aero side because I am very sensitive to the feel of aero changes in the car. When I have from the factory one-tenth of a second, maybe I can find two on the track so I really like it and enjoy working to improve the aero."
Hi Pastor, in your oppinion which track is physically most difficult to drive and why?
Adam Novak

Maldonado: "Singapore is the most difficult one because of the heat. The temperature is so high on the car. The race is so long and very bumpy and you can't make any mistakes because the track is so narrow."
14:51 Has Alex Wurz's mentoring helped you address the ups and downs of last year, so you can get to the track in the right frame of mind and get the best out of the car?

Maldonado: "He was doing a good job and not jsut directly with the drivers: he also provided information because he was around the track looking at the
other cars. He got a lot of information on what the other drivers have been doing in different corners, what the cars were doing. It was useful."
14:52 When Williams kept you at the end of 2011 and dropped Rubens Barrichello, how did you cope with the pressure that surrounded you and also being
sucked into the "pay driver" debate?
Tom, Tonbridge, UK

Maldonado: "To be honest, I was disappointed for Rubens. At the same time, I was a bit nervous about the team's situation because a lot of things were happening in the team, there were a lot of changes and I was worried. But when I saw the car at the first test here I was immediately very happy."
14:55 Thanks for all your questions for Pastor Maldonado. We have to wrap it up now, so we've only got time for two more. The first comes from Barry McManus, who asks:
Have you done much work or training with Bottas over the off season to build a partnership with him?

Maldonado: "Valtteri and me, the relationship is quite good. We will maintain that. We are working for the team and need to work together to develop the car. I really expect him to be a very strong team-mate, he's a great driver. He needs some experience, but I am 100 per cent sure he will get there. He's a young driver, but very strong and a very good guy. There's a good atmosphere."
And our final question:
From two years of watching you race, I'd say you're one of the more aggressive drivers in the pack. Would you agree with that?
Dan Lesser

Maldonado: "Sometimes, yes! And sometimes not. In the past, I have been so sweet with the other drivers but with years of experience, I learned to be aggressive when I need to be!"
15:02 Thanks for all your questions for Maldonado, and of course thanks to Williams and the man himself.
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