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Lotus 25


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Thank you very much for  your  excellent information you've stated now I know the difference, not quite sure if it had also  had different engine cover to hide the trumpet tray like the UDT car ? .But I can't seem find Sauro's  illustration  & data sheet of the team lotus  24. could you please help me?  Only saw by luck picture of  a non championship  like this one so I'm confused. Sorry ☹


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24 was designed as a backup car, if maybe the 25 would not work as a complete new design (monocoque) philosophy.

Team Lotus only used the 24 for Trevor Taylor in :

NL p2  MCo pR Belg pR GB p8 and D pR

Officially there was not really a 'Team Lotus' 24, so you will not find a  24 sheet by Sauro.


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Dominic: v6Dino is right. The "Type 24" was for sale to privateers, "Type 25" was a works "only" car ("sleeker" & -by my personal point of view- more betatiful). Besides the structure differences, you can notice a higher part in the bodywork at the engine area: "Type 24 used Climax FPF 1.5 L4 & Climax FWMV 1.5 V8 engines. Type 25 only the Climax FWMV 1.5 V8. Greetings from México

Type 24-25.jpg

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