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  1. Perché non tutto è stato F1, in Italia si è svolta una delle gare più importanti della storia; Sto facendo un video sull'argomento e ti ringrazierò per le immagini e i dati; oggi ho finito il logo della targa
  2. Once the work is finished, I´ll post the remaining 10 drawings. Greetings from México
  3. A video for the Director of "La Pana", Lalo León and posters; I am working on 10 cars that have run the "new Pana" according to the 10 categories since 1988. This is the list: ORIGINAL PANAM - 1952, Hudson, Hornet two doors: 5.286 m TURISMO MAYOR - 1955, Studebaker, Champion two doors: 5.128 m SPORT MAYOR - 1957, Jaguar, XK120: 4.394 m TURISMO PRODUCCIÓN - 1961, Volvo, PV544: 4.496 m SPORT MENOR - 1963, Alfa Romeo, Giulietta Sprint: 4.033 m HISTÓRICA C - 1965, Ford, Mustang Fastback: 4.610 m HISTÓRICA B - 1969, Porsche, 911 B: 4.102 m HISTÓRICA A - 1971, Alpine–Renault, A110 1600 S: 3.840 m HISTÓRICA A PLUS - 1973, BMW, 2002: 4.216 m AUTOS EXHIBICIÓN - 2005, Lotus, Exige: 3.797 m
  4. I have finished the assignment of the five winners of the Race
  5. Perdón: 1952 was the year, as in that year Ferrari prsented the 640 México Vignale; typing mistake, He, heh !!
  6. The 1953 Ferrari works Team being shipped to Mexico in the SS Constitution.
  7. Since the beginning, La Carrera Panamericana was run by women
  8. Some of the accidents that gave the Government a reason to cancel the race
  9. Silverstone 1951, the way F1 drivers looked at "Panamericana" days...
  10. The international response was enthusiastic, attracting pilots Gijs van Lennep, Joachen Mass, Eric Comas, Phillipe Alliot, Clay Ragazzoni, Guy Edwards, Luigi Villonesi and musicians such as David Gilmour and Nick Mason, who made the soundtrack of a documentary about their participation in the race of 1991 driving a Proteus. The thirty-first version was held from October 11 to 18, 2018, the route covered more than 3200 kms through Querétaro, Mexico City, State of Mexico, Michoacán, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas and Durango; The Carrera Panamerica is national´s motorsport most important, a week with festive atmosphere in each city that visits: a unique family atmosphere, like the one that reigned 64 years ago. Attracts pilots and male and female audience; people of all ages.
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