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Stewart SF01 '97


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1 ora fa, anorak ha scritto:

You can be an F1 champion, does not mean you can do everything. Alain Prost was a failure as team manager also

In F1 Stewart Racing lasted 3 years only with quite good results in my opinions, but Jackie was bright enough to realize that for next "big step" a further, bigger and bigger budget increase in team's economy was needed; too much for him so he wisely chose to sell everything to Ford -Jaguar, PROFITABLY (...of course Jackie!).

As Jaguar team consultant he understood nothing to do was possible against Ford Corporation burocracy, a status which was totally in opposition with needs of a modern F1 team, so he left. Lauda and Rahal, too, had same destiny over there...

No, in my opinion, his wasn't a failure

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I also do think that their three year stint as Stewart Grand Prix was straight uphill with podium finishes in 1999 and also a lucky win, and it is remarkable from a privateer team built up from scratch, if we consider the sad fate of Pacific, Simtek, Forti, or Caterham, Hispania and Marussia recently. And many forget that Stewart Grand Prix was the very strong foundation that became after a stagnating Jaguar transition, Red Bull in the end. And many thanks to Sauro for these brilliant graphics again, it's unbelievable to see these machines again in this quality after more than two decades!

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