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  1. Thanks Sauro for this magnificient waterfall. You and your team are the best.
  2. Sauro. You and your team are magnificient. I can't imagine the artistic and the research work you have to do before bringing these masterpieces to us.Thanks Sauro and of course to your team. Have a good year.
  3. Sauro!!!! What can I say? Now we have the chance to see the american cars from the 50's. Now it's easier to imagine then competing with the european cars in Indianapolis or Sebring. Congratulations for this magnificient masterpiece. Thanks Sauro.
  4. Marvellous as always. Thanks Sauro and your team
  5. Dear Sauro. Any small share from you is a Mona Lisa for us. I've never heard about this model. See you later
  6. It's always worth to wait for these wonders. Thanks Suro
  7. Excellent. I couldn't imagine that there were so many models and versions of Maserati. Thank you Sauro
  8. No wonder Sauro, Massimo and the rest of his marvellous team receive these compliments. The drawings and their respective informations are superb not only in what concerns recent models but also in the resurrection of these oldies. As a F1 fan I say thank you; as an art admirer I say don't stop surprising; as a history researcher I say keep on the excellent work Congratulations
  9. Fabulous as always. Excellent artwork Sauro.
  10. The oldies are alive thanks to you Sauro. Congratulations.
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