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Klenk Meteor '52-54


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Today, no one knows the details about the self-made teams of the early 50s, but even on the official f1 website (they are not interested in the history of the formula in principle), it is indicated that the BMW engine was used on Theo Helfrich in GER1954. Other sources indicate the 2.0 L6 engine architecture, produced by BMW. This is the same as Your engine type data, but contradicts the manufacturer you specified as Veritas Meteor. Perhaps herr Klenk assembled his car from old parts of pre-war BMW and what came to hand, fastened the structure with wire and plasticine, proudly called the result of the work his name and sent it to the race. Fangio and Mercedes did not notice this fact... But, what about the official race Protocol - what is written in the column of the engine of the car number 22? Or maybe there is no longer any Protocol, it is lost? Thank you for your attention and best wishes.

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Dear Sauro, I deeply respect Your opinion and rate it much higher than other sources, but I have not found a single case of confirmation of the Klenk-Veritas version. (I'm only talking about GER1954). To justify the Klenk-BMW version, I add a few screenshots from public resources. Ciao, buona fortuna

source 1.jpg

source 2.jpg

source 3.jpg

source 4.jpg

source 5.jpg

source 6.jpg

source 7.jpg

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1 ora fa, Sergey Tarasov ha scritto:

Ciao, buona fortuna

Mine is not an opinion, I simply have not copied what everyone (copying) reported. In addition to Massimo's research, I personally could verify that BMW has never granted the use of his name, this is associated with the various cars in a completely arbitrary and unofficial way. In addition, logically, I find it hard to believe that in 1954 Klenk resorted to an outdated BMW engine since 1950 when it could have had a more recent engine ...

La mia non è una opinione, semplicemente non ho copiato quello che tutti (copiandosi) hanno riportato. Oltre alla ricerca di Massimo ho personalmente potuto verificare che la BMW non ha mai concesso l'uso del proprio nome, questo viene associato alle varie vetture in modo del tutto arbitrario e non ufficiale. In più, a logica, fatico credere che nel 1954 Klenk sia ricorso ad un motore BMW ormai obsoleto già dal 1950 quando poteva disporre di motore più recente...

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OK, let it be a Veritas-Heinkel engine. It is very difficult to refute the arguments of signore Massimo Piciotti. Finally, a few cherries for the cake. 1. (my opinion): of course, Bayerische Motoren Werke did not give permission for Mr. Klenk to use his name. Perhaps Hans Klenk did not ask for such permission. 2. (riddle): Why Aren't you confused about using the BMW trademark for cars that are designed in this way (for example, Holbein HH48-BMW '52, Krakau-BMW '52,  Reif-BMW '52)? Did BMW give them a license? 3. (fact): Hans Klenk was not able to use more recent engines-otherwise his cars would have been fitted with Ferrari, Mercedes or Maserati engines. Good Luck

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4 ore fa, Sergey Tarasov ha scritto:

Bayerische Motoren Werke did not give permission for

:) The BMW name was not authorized for everyone, only in the statistics is it given as a real fact. BMW is not official !.
The Klenk Meteor is nothing more than a personalized Veritas Meteor ...
But for 1952 and '53, statistics define it generically as Veritas. The ones I propose in the drawings are the Klenk Meteor as seen from 1950 to 1954, always the same ... it was a surprise for me too, to see that this car changed its name and then also the engine while remaining the same .. .
They are the miracles of information ;)

Il nome BMW non era autorizzato per tutti, solo nelle statistiche è dato come fatto reale. la BMW non è ufficiale!.
La Klenk Meteor altro non è che una Veritas Meteor personalizzata... 
Ma per il 1952 e '53, le statistiche, la definiscono genericamente come Veritas. Quelle che propongo nei disegni sono la Klenk Meteor come si è vista dal 1950 al 1954, sempre la stessa...è stata una sorpresa anche per me, vedere che questa auto ha cambiato nome e poi anche il motore pur restando la stessa...
Sono i miracoli dell'informazione

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I find it odd that both stats F1 and Wikapedia have Herrmann driving the #31 meteor at the German Gp and the #32 being driven by Bauer. Your photos have Herrman driving the #32. I may be wrong but I can't find a race sheet that says other wise. Let me know if you can.  Yours: Phil the fact finder 

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