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Surtees TS19 Britisch Champ.


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  • 2 years later...
8 hours ago, Alesi said:

Mi sembra sia la Corsa dei Campeoni, ma non ne sono sicuro...

I'm not sure either. Tony Trimmer was claimed in 1977GBR as number 44 (dnpq). Perhaps
 the caption on the picture is incorrect - this is not the British GP, this is the race of Champions 1977 (Brands Hatch).
We should ask Sauro...

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26 minutes ago, v6dino said:

Yes, the caption of the photo is definitely wrong but I can't say in which race it is ... Besides, T. Trimmer in the Schell championship used the n ° 2. :huh:

OK. What does the Shell championship have to do with this? What about the 1977 race of Champions? There, Trimmer had the number 36, as in the picture 782.

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