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Found 13 results

  1. Neanche abbiamo cominciato e già si parla di rinvio... Pare che il GP d'Australia non si disputerà, non almeno il 21 marzo. Sento puzza di 2020-bis.
  2. Spero non vada in Marussia
  3. Qatar set to host Formula One race
  4. Ahia Franck Montagny fears his motorsport career could be over after admitting to taking a derivative of cocaine. Frenchman Montagny, who drove in seven Formula One races for the Super Aguri team in 2006, tested positive during an ePrix race in Malaysia in November. The 36-year-old said he was "ashamed" after the test and admitted that his career was probably over - he has already been suspended until sanctions are handed down by the FIA. "Auto sport is perhaps over for me," the Andretti driver told L'Equipe. "After the event I saw the guy who tests signalling me. There, in my head, I knew immediately. I knew it was over. "I made a mistake, I'm guilty." The inaugural FIA Formula E championship - involving single-seater, electrically powered cars - got underway last September in Beijing. Montagny withdrew from the most recent race in Uruguay last month, citing illness, with Matthew Brabham taking his seat in the Andretti team.
  5. McLaren says its final driver choice for next year will be based on what serves it best for its long-term Formula 1 ambitions with Honda. The Woking-based team has been open about considering all its options for 2015, with neither Jenson Button nor Kevin Magnussen having a firm deal in place yet. Fernando Alonso is one of its key targets, and racing director Eric Boullier has made it clear that McLaren will wait until he knows what all the top drivers' plans are before committing to anything. "If any driver becomes available on the market, we will be interested to see if they fit," he told AUTOSPORT. "Our strategy, and I am not going to say we are going to change drivers, is we are in a position to wait. "So we are going to wait until I understand what is going to be the driver market, not only for next year but also in the future years. "The plan is to build McLaren for a long term at the top, and we need to know what we are going to do in three, four or five years." Boullier's comments suggest that if it cannot lure a big-name star for next year then it will not compromise its chances of getting them for 2016 or 2017 by locking out its race seats. That means it could opt for short-term deals with some drivers while it waits for top names like Alonso, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton to become available. Button will almost certainly be retained for 2015 though, despite a recent war-of-words between him and McLaren Group CEO Ron Dennis about the need to try harder. Speaking about the job Button was doing, Boullier said: "He is doing a good job. We want our drivers to give 100 per cent all the time. "We want everybody to perform and, when you cannot get the performance you wish, it is sometimes difficult to accept it and you get frustrated. "But it is the same for everybody and we need to push 100 per cent."
  6. Topic per le notizie di maggio, chiusura automatica ore 23.59 del 31/5 (sperando stavolta funzioni )
  7. News di aprile! Chiusura automatica ore 23.59 del 30/4!
  8. Radio Paddock per il mese di Febbraio ( si aprirà automaticamente il 1° Febbraio e chiuderà automaticamente il 28)
  9. Si può chiedere l'infermità mentale? http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/112084 FIA race director Charlie Whiting has defended the use of the DRS in Formula 1 amid criticism that it makes it too easy to overtake. The DRS, which allows a driver to open a slot gap in the rear wing to slash drag, was introduced in 2011 and Whiting does not believe it diminishes the skill of passing. "I'm a great fan of it," said Whiting while giving the annual Watkins Lecture run by the Motorsport Safety Fund at AUTOSPORT International. "I know some people are opposed to it and really think it is not pure enough. I completely disagree with that view. "It still requires extreme skill from the driver. It is not as if it's turn on, overtake, go, done." Whiting stressed that sometimes passing moves appear easier than they actually are because of the advantage of a better exit speed from the corner leading onto the straight. Passing moves on the Kemmel Straight at Spa have been criticised in recent years, but Whiting used this as an example of the advantage of a strong run through a turn. "Sometimes it does appear like that [too easy] but Spa is an example of how if you come through Eau Rouge a bit quicker than the car in front and deploy DRS it's dead simple. "But it's only because of the exit speed of the car. If the cars are at an equal speed, a driver will have to be within 0.3s of the car in front which is no mean feat in itself. "But if they are at the same speed at the beginning of the DRS zone, they will be alongside at the braking point. That's the whole theory of the DRS. "You have to pre-suppose that the cars are at the same speed but you have no idea what speed they are going to do that. "If you understand the reasoning about it and what is required to actually overtake, it still takes a great deal from the driver." NO PLANS TO CHANGE DRS RULES Whiting added that there are no plans to change the way that the DRS is used. Currently, there are usually two set DRS deployment zones that can be used throughout practice and qualifying, but only in a race when within one second of the car in front at the preceding detection point. "We feel it should be allowed only on certain parts of the track," said Whiting when asked if it was possible the DRS could be changed to be used for a set amount of time in a race, as in Formula Renault 3.5. "Before last year, drivers could use it at any time they wish in practice and qualifying and that led to a couple of incidents where drivers used it too early so for last year we only allowed them to use it in practice here they can use it in the race. "We think it is important only to be used in certain areas, not for a maximum amount of time."
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