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Larrousse LH94 '94


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Yay, Tourtel Pur Malt and Kronenbourg version too.  I like this car pictures :)

And... Dear Sauro, have You in Your plans making a Larrousse LH95 for season 1995?

Yes, i know, Larrousse's last full season was 1994, but in 1995 San Marino GP have Larrousse last two entries with Christophe Bouchut and Eric Bernard. (but no start in race weekend)

But.. i found only one picture of the car after Google search for "Larrousse LH95" and i don't know, if this is only a fake pic... :unsure:


PS: sorry for my bad English :)

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31 minutes ago, Pietro_Federstaller said:

"Larrousse LH95" and i don't know, if this is only a fake pic... :unsure:


If you read about the DAMS GD01......you will understand more about the 1995 Larrousse



Also maybe why Sauro has posted the DAMS near to the last Larrousse.


P.S.  ..............for me your English is fine


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