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Arrows A9 '86


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Thank you V6Dino,where do you get all that data it's great because i love '80s F1. Thanks to Rob for the pics too. Yes,the only picture album i completed as a kid was the Formula 1 and it was 1986 season with part of '87. I remember that i couldn't get last 5 or 6 stickers so i sent a letter with the numbers of pics that are missing(they said you could so i did) and they really sent me the missing stickers so i could complete the album. I remember one of them was the late Michele Alboreto in the Ferrari flying over some curbs... That was racing then,Momo steering wheel and a gear shifter not this guys today with a laptop and two tablets on the steering wheel. Then he accelerates and continues pushing buttons to drive. OK,i'm exagerating now but that's just not it anymore.

Once again,great info V6Dino!!!

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