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  1. http://www.24h-lemans.com/wpphpFichiers/1/1/ressources/Pdf/2015/24-heures-du-mans/classification/24-heures-du-mans-2015-starting-grid.pdf
  2. Joey Hand dovrebbe essere sicuro in Ford, così come Scott Pruett.
  3. LMP3 si, ma vedremo come andrà in futuro. In P3 è già in corso un boom di adesioni (hanno presentato la Ligier P3 e ne hanno già vendute quattro), la macchina costa la metà di una P2 e non ha un regolamento altrettanto incerto. Sono macchine molto belle ma piuttosto lente, le ho viste a Imola e mi dicono che soffrono soprattutto di motore.
  4. http://www.motorsport.com/wec/news/aco-reveals-2017-lmp2-regulation-details/
  5. Ne so quanto te, nell'ultimo periodo mi sono informato molto poco. Il regolamento GTE comunque è ancora da svelare credo, mentre è più o meno ufficiale quello porcata della P2 (quattro costruttori, se non sbaglio motore unico). Molti hanno paura che così si trasformi in un monomarca. Il regolamento 2017 della P1 invece rimarrà simile a quello attuale, tanto che Toyota cambierà macchina il prossimo anno. Si vocifera di un costruttore (BMW?) che vorrebbe adottare le fuel cells.
  6. Sono un po' telegrafico perchescrivod a cellulare http://m.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/119444 Di nomi che io sappia npn nesono stati fatti ancora. Da notare il diffusore generoso, evidentemente dal 2016 saranno ammessi.
  7. WEC e TUSCC per Ford in GTE, dal 2016https://twitter.com/Ford/status/609347000287428609?s=09
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nissan-racing/sets/72157651928353276/?hc_location=ufi Foto dell'ultimo test Nissan, in Kentucky. A quanto pare hanno iniziato a svolgere qualche sessione di long run, finalmente. http://sportscar365.com/lemans/wec/nissan-continues-gt-r-lm-nismo-testing-in-kentucky/
  9. Quella mezza frase mi farà sognare per un bel po'. Povero illuso...
  10. Top Gear ha seguito da vicino uno dei recenti test di Nissan http://www.topgear.com/uk/photos/nissan-le-mans-racer-lmp1-gt-r-explained-2015-02-09 "if you look at the regulations you'll see that while the aerodynamics at the rear of the cars are very controlled in terms of the wing you can run and the underbody diffuser, they're much more open at the front. There are opportunities in the regulations." "So, the front splitter is basically an inverted wing, channeling huge amounts of air under the car, but diffusing it almost immediately to create downforce, rather than waiting until the back of the car. The trouble is what to do with all this used air that's still under the front of the car. Bowlby has created two huge air tunnels, which run the length of the car from just after the front splitter all the way through to the back. And when I say huge, I mean huge. Bowlby showed me a picture on his phone of one of the mechanics entirely inserted into one of the tunnels." "The front of the car is so low and yet packaged in there, hidden under a seething mass of cables is a 3.0-litre twin turbo V6. It develops about 550bhp and revs to around 6500rpm. Bowlby's very pleased with it not so much for its power, but its efficiency." "What they are currently evaluating is a purely mechanical flywheel hybrid system that uses conventional gears and clutches to spin up an 8kg lump of steel and carbon inside a vacuum. So when the driver brakes, an ECU decides whether it should slow the car using the conventional brakes or the inertia of the 8kg flywheel. That's clever. The testing they're doing out here is the first time they've had the flywheel system working and it's all about making sure the software is working well enough that the driver can't tell the difference and that the flywheel is behaving as it should. The figures associated with it are hilarious. Running at maximum it can gain 19,000rpm per second, so a braking event of a little over three seconds can spin it up to its 60,000rpm maximum speed. At that speed the outer edge of the flywheel is subject to 47,000g and is spinning at Mach 2. If it wasn't in a vacuum you'd hear a sonic boom. That's right, the GT-R LM could create its own sonic boom. Awesome. On a more mundane level, the flywheel can send those forces back to the wheels just as quick as it harvested them, at an equivalent of about 700bhp." These are early testing days, the rear driveshafts haven't been hooked up, so the whole system - internal combustion and flywheel - is driving the fronts alone. That's right, if they let the GT-R LM sing, it's a 1250bhp front-driver. And it might stay that way. "The plan is to harvest from the fronts and deploy through the rears, but that's not the only way to do it," Bowlby says. "Imagine if we turned up to Le Mans with front drive only..."
  11. Entry list di Le Mans (con inclusi anche gli iscritti al WEC).
  12. http://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/g6076/2015-nissan-gt-r-lm-nismo-photo-gallery/?slide=7 Bravi anche per la trasparenza, tante foto con i dettagli in evidenza. Resta da vedere in quale segmento di MJ entreranno.
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