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Jose Luis

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    Kimi Räikkönen
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    G. Villeneuve
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    San Marino 1982

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  1. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    I used a Sauro canvas to use the same measures of the model. I forgott to clean the references.
  2. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    Van Hool VHM-001
  3. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    Van Hool VHM-001 (a fake F1 project) Van Hool is a well-known coachbuilder around the world. Back in the 1970’s many big companies tried their luck, in several motorsport series. By offering drivers, sponsoring or they entered with their own team. Van Hool came in 1975 with their own Formula Two car. Alain Siccardi designed the Van Hool VHM (Van Hool Marcel) that year in Spain. Two chassis, the VHM-001 and the VHM-002, where built in the van Hool factory in Saragossa in Spain. The VHM-001 is the only chassis that made his debute in the F2. In 1976, the team debuted the VHM-001 during the Jim Clark Trophy at Hockenheim. The car was fitted with a BMW Engine and Bernard de Dryver was the driver. With a time of 2m 9.400s de Dyver didn’t manage to qualify the car for the race. The car was never seen in the F2 again. The VHM had similarities with a Formula One car from that era, and it created a couple of years ago the false rumour that Van Hool was to enter the Formula One in 1975 with the VHM. The whereabouts of both cars is unknown. The VHM-001 has done some hill climb races, and was sold to some one else. What happened with the VHM-002 is a big mystery. Probably it got sold or destroyed. Sources: Autosport, Motorsportmagazine, Mischa Bijenhof
  4. Jose Luis

    1979 1980 Williams F1

    It´s a fine artwork but I think the data are not totally precise. The Williams FW07B begun running at the Belgium GP (may, 4th, 1980) and stopped at the South Africa GP (febr. 2nd 1981). However continue with your fine artwork. It's really good.
  5. Jose Luis

    Jordan EJ15 '05

    Thanks Saurio. You're right. My mistake.
  6. Jose Luis

    Jordan EJ15 '05

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year for you all and your relatives and friends. For you Saurio an extended compliment for another axcelent artwork.
  7. Jose Luis

    Larrousse-Lola Lc91

    30 - Lola 91 - Aguri Suzuki
  8. Jose Luis

    Jordan EJ10B '00

    That's amazing what you do with your artwork in all F1 models, but you transcend yourself when you apply your art in complex models like Jordan. I am speechless. Congratulations Saurio.
  9. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    Could Ekström have been any team? No, it was to be born under the command of a woman, Cecilia Ekström, and her team debuted in 1986. Ekström had already worked on the marketing of other teams, but it did not work out for her. Because she was a woman, Ekström had difficulty getting sponsorships, she talked to British American Tobacco (BAT, the same one she created years later at BAR) and Fleur de Santè. As no one put faith in her project, she ended up failing, firing all the officials and even not paying the team's phone bills. It looked like the team would have finished in 1986, but she tried to buy the Haas Lola spoiler, but it did not work out and Cecilia Ekström never went back to Formula 1 again. Ekström-Motori Moderni GP8601
  10. Jose Luis

    Ferguson P99

    Stirling Moss driving a Ferguson P99
  11. Jose Luis

    Jordan 197 '97

    Congratulations Saurio. I'm sure this must be one of the hardest models to create. Once again an excelent artwork
  12. Jose Luis

    March 711 Williams Motul

    Ronnie Peterson, who was on foot at Clermont-Ferrand's tortuous circuit (55 corners and 8,055 km), was able to return to the pits thanks to the luxurious help of Jose Carlos Pace and his Politoys-March Cosworth during the French GP practice of 1972.
  13. Jose Luis

    Honda RA302

    The tragedy
  14. Jose Luis

    Honda RA302

    The tragedy of Jo Schlesser Picture 1 The depart for the GP; Jacky Ickx (Ferrari) on the head Picture 2 Jo Schlesser during the trainings
  15. Jose Luis

    Lotus 79

    A variant made by me of the Lotus 79 created by Saurio