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    I am writing from Ukraine, Kiev
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    S. Vettel
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    N. Lauda
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    Scuderia Ferrari
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    Brazilian GP 2006

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  1. Konstantin Konstantinovich

    10. Gran Premio di Gran Bretagna 2019 | Silverstone

    Grateful to everyone, but Charles is great, I like him
  2. Konstantin Konstantinovich

    09. Gran Premio d'Austria 2019 | Spielberg

    My dears! Winner can not be judged! But Charles LECLERC is still great! I have hope
  3. Dear Sirs,

    • Why did I mention the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix as the best race?

    It was the last Grand Prix for Michael Schumacher for Ferrari. Michael started a breakthrough after a failure in qualifying and was in last place after a puncture of the tire, but finished 4th, putting the best time on the last lap of the race. To summarize, this is 5 championship titles and 6 designers' cups for the team. Brilliant result.

    • Why Sebastian Vettel?

    Because it is a «Scuderia Ferrari».


    My Congratulations to Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton !,

    And fans of «Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport»

    1. Konstantin Konstantinovich

      Konstantin Konstantinovich

      Dear Sirs,

       I want to additionally inform you that I am a real person and remove your concerns about this.

      My main profession is electric power. I have a higher education and worked for many years in this industry. Currently I have a number of hobbies and in particular Formula 1.

      Gradually from the 70s he became interested in the history of the automotive industry and automotive design, as well as Formula 1. It all started with different literatures - graphic images (drawings), drawings, sketches and, of course, photos of genuine cars. In the 70s and 80s, it was literature mainly from Eastern European countries. Gradually, more and more focused on the history of Formula 1. This is the history of racing teams, pilots, designers (drawings and profiles of racing cars, different versions and changes in the design of cars during the course of each season).

      As a volume addition in the second half of the 70s, he began collecting Formula 1 cars of 1:43 scale.

      At the heart of my small collection

      • The whole line of Ferrari cars from 1947 to the present

      • The best race cars of each championship

      • The most interesting race cars, especially the 70s

      • The most successful and interesting race cars of the prewar period

      Also interested in architecture, history, football.

      There is some problem with the knowledge of English and Italian, so I will be quite modest in possible discussions on the forum.


      Konstantin Konstantinovich

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