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    Kimi Raikkonen
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    Alain Prost
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    Monza 1971

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405 ospiti/utenti
  1. DM1

    Jordan EJ13 '03

    JORDAN EJ13 (2003) Macao GP demonstration
  2. DM1

    Jordan EJ13 '03

    JORDAN EJ13 (2003) pre season tests
  3. DM1

    Jordan EJ12 '02

    JORDAN EJ12 (2002) pre season test Valencia
  4. DM1

    Honda RA106

    HONDA RA106 (2006) Turkish GP third car
  5. DM1

    Honda RA106

    HONDA RA106 (2006) Monaco GP
  6. DM1

    Honda RA106

    HONDA RA106 (2006) Bahrain GP
  7. DM1

    Honda RA106

    HONDA RA106 (2006) Pre season test
  8. DM1

    Midland M16 '06

    MIDLAND M16 (2006) pre season test
  9. DM1

    Jordan 194 '94

    I think your work is excellent and it goes better and better. And also it isn´t the aim of your work to do all the variants of all the F1 cars. It isn´t possible to create all of them. During the 80s and 90s the F1 cars had some evolution during the season. But most of the cars from last 2decades they had many differences in every GP they started (or at least in every 2 GPs). In my posts I want only to show the F1 cars in other variants, colour schemes or sponsor differences in addition to your work. If you will create some of them in the future, everyone of your fans will be happy. But you have still a lot of work with the cars from last 30 years and also with the cars from 1950s.
  10. DM1

    Jordan 193 '93

    JORDAN 193 Team Jordan used more variations of main sponsor name during the 1993 season.
  11. DM1

    Jordan 193 '93

    JORDAN 193 (version with different rear wing) Team Jordan used model 193 with larger rear wing during British GP (only 1 car), Hungarian GP and European GP.
  12. DM1

    Jordan 194 '94

    JORDAN 194 (Beginning of the 1994 season) Jordan 194 appeared with red top of airbox and different rear wing at the beginning of the 1994 season. Brazilian GP GP of Pacific GP of Spain - with black top of airbox but with different rear wing.
  13. DM1

    Jordan 194 '94

    JORDAN 194 (Car launch) Jordan 194 at the car launch before the season with only few sponsor names.
  14. DM1

    Jordan 197 '97

    JORDAN 197 (versions of B&H sponsorship) Different versions of writing B&H sponsorship during the 1997 season.
  15. DM1

    Jordan 197 '97

    JORDAN 197 (GP of Luxembourg) Jordan 197 appeared with lettering Benson & Hedges on sidepods and different version of snake on the front during the GP of Luxembourg.