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  1. Robert Gatewood

    1989 Trans Am

    This is Dorsey Schroeder's Trans Am car from 1989. I think he won the championship that year.
  2. Robert Gatewood

    1990 Trans Am

    Here is the car of Hans Joachim Stuck who ran part time during 1990 but still won 4 Trans Am races
  3. Robert Gatewood

    1993 Le Mans

    Here is a Porsche 962 From the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans
  4. Robert Gatewood

    1994 Nascar

    Here is a drawing of Nascar driver Sterling Marlin in his 1994 Kodak sponsored Chevrolet
  5. Robert Gatewood

    1993 Rally

    Opps, this is actually Juha Kankkunen who won the WRC in 1993
  6. Robert Gatewood

    1990 Trans Am

    I don't know much about Robert Lappalainen but I do believe he won a race and it's cool to see the JPS sponsor
  7. Robert Gatewood

    1992 Trans Am

    and also Ron Fellows driving a Ford Mustang
  8. Robert Gatewood

    1992 Trans Am

    and 2nd place driver Scott Sharp
  9. Robert Gatewood

    1992 Trans Am

    Here is 1992 champion Jack Baldwin
  10. Robert Gatewood

    1993 Trans Am

    Here is 1993 Champion Scott Sharp
  11. Robert Gatewood

    1994 Trans Am

    Here is the 1994 champion Scott Pruett
  12. Robert Gatewood

    1995 Trans Am

    and Price Cobb
  13. Robert Gatewood

    1995 Trans Am

    and also Rob Fellows
  14. Robert Gatewood

    1995 Trans Am

    Trans Am used to be an important series back in the 1960's. It had the backing of Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, and American Motors. It had top drivers such as Dan Gurney, Parnell Jones, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson, and George Follmer. Alas, when The factories left, the series became a 'club series'. The series still does exist, for better or worse and has had some competitive seasons. Here is some drawing of the 1995 season. First with Champion Tommy Kendall
  15. Robert Gatewood

    1996 Trans Am

    Greg Pickett was also a driver that year