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Found 2 results

  1. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    For those who do not know the reason for this project, it has to go to the beginning of the 70's, when a group of enthusiasts decided to build a team to run in Endurance, with the support of a local bank called BIP - Banco Intercontinental Portuguese, founded by Jorge de Brito, who years later, between 1991 and 93, would become president of Benfica. This team, Team BIP, buys a Lola T272 and achieves outstanding results in European circuits such as Vila Real and Spa-Francochamps, piloted by people like Mario de Araujo Cabral, the popular "Nicha", Carlos Gaspar and Carlos Santos.
  2. Jose Luis

    Formula 1

    Could Ekström have been any team? No, it was to be born under the command of a woman, Cecilia Ekström, and her team debuted in 1986. Ekström had already worked on the marketing of other teams, but it did not work out for her. Because she was a woman, Ekström had difficulty getting sponsorships, she talked to British American Tobacco (BAT, the same one she created years later at BAR) and Fleur de Santè. As no one put faith in her project, she ended up failing, firing all the officials and even not paying the team's phone bills. It looked like the team would have finished in 1986, but she tried to buy the Haas Lola spoiler, but it did not work out and Cecilia Ekström never went back to Formula 1 again. Ekström-Motori Moderni GP8601