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Ferrari 126 C4


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FERRARI 126 C4 (1984) first version

During the 1984 season Scuderia Ferrari used 3 different versions of 126C4 model - 126C4, 126C4M and 126C4M2. The original 126 C4 was used during first 9 GPs of the 1984 season - from GP of Brazil to GP of Dallas. The sidepods on this model were very short. The car itself produced little downforce and was modified during the season.


ferrari 126c4.jpeg

ferrari 126c4 BEL2.jpg

ferrari 126c4 MON.jpg

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FERRARI 126 C4M2 (1984)

The third version of the 126C4 model was used during last 2 GPs of the 1984 season - GP of Europe and Portugal. This car had much longer sidepods, different front wing, different  rear wing and different difusor. It was tested with simple rear wing.

ferrari 126c4 m2 EUR.jpg

ferrari 126c4 m2 test.jpg

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