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Il 7/1/2019 at 07:36 , leopnd ha scritto:

La Gazzetta oggi esce in prima pagina con la:


Cosa ne pensate?

A due anni di distanza direi bene ma non Binotto :asd: 

Scherzi a parte, penso non si sia mai vista una figura peggiore come Team Principal. Non discuto i suoi meriti da ingegnere, incarico che dovrebbe tornare a ricoprire al più presto, ma il ruolo di TP non è cosa sua.

Lato comunicazione e rapporti con la stampa, stendiamo un velo pietoso

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Chiedo l'aiuto di @leopnd per sapere se quello che dice questo utente di Reddit è vero:

I decided to share an interesting story that an ex Ferrari logistics operations chief Miodrag Kotur told during the serbian F1 podcast last night. I'll be translating what he said but not exactly word for word so consider it paraphrased:

".. There was all kinds of stuff going on, for example at Hungary, back in the days when they still weren't part of the European Union [so before 2004], we needed to get one engine in rather quickly, but then you'd have to go through all the complicated procedures, get an ATA carnet customs document for the equipment, we're in contact with the factory in Maranello, we need an engine, it's Saturday morning and we need it Saturday night to have it installed the next day and ready for the Sunday race.. Then I remember, I've got some friends from Maranello who'd like to come and watch the race, we can put it in their car, they'll drive all day and night.. so they loaded the crate, wrapped the car in Ferrari merch and flags like they're as tifosi as they get and they got through on the border without customs even checking their car. We were really doing all kinds of things. .."

There were also mentions of frequent last minute hauls of parts, even front wings, via means of using business class seats on regular airlines or private jets of F1 personnel, which I believe is not uncommon even today.

TDLR: Story about how Ferrari got engines in while avoiding customs by having regular tifosi smuggle them in back in the 2000s.

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