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Red Bull RB10 (2014)


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Anche qui, come la STR, mi pare che non abbiano rinunciato a lavorare con l'aria passante sotto il muso....li sotto di aria ce ne passa, e mica poca.


Conservativa o no, è una vettura da tenere sott'occhio. L'anno scorso Sauber e Williams sembravano molto meno conservativa della RB, eppure...


Poi mica son tutti dementi come la McLaren, che cambia un progetto vincente per un salto nel buio :asd:

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Adrian Newey sulle monoposto 2014

08:52 Red Bull design genius Adrian Newey is addressing the media later this morning. He's already had a brief say on the 2014 technical regs, and it's fair to say he's not best pleased with the aerodynamic rules.

While, in the case of the front wing, that's because of performance implications - "the narrower wing means the endplate is in the worst possible place in front of the wheel" - he's in agreement with the majority of fans over the look of the new noses.

"They are ugly and ungainly," he said. "To me the aesthetics of a Formula 1 car are important.

"The car should look good, and not many owners of these noses could say they really love them."

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