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Sauber C33 (2014)


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Aspettando le foto (che dovrebbero arrivare sulle 3), la Sauber ha già  pubblicato una tabella tecnica della nuova monoposto


Questa la parte sul muso


Low nose


Perhaps the most visually striking element of the Sauber C33-Ferrari is the very low, snout-like nose. The front wing pylon’s attachments on the nose have been moved out as far as possible allowed by the regulations to channel as much air as possible under the car.


The aerodynamics engineers were handed a new brief for the design of the front wing, which is 7.5 centimetres narrower on either side than the previous version. This creates very different airflow conditions. The entire front wing with its complex end plates, has, therefore, been newly developed from the ground up.


The front suspension concept has changed little, with its springs and dampers again pushrod-actuated.  However, the changes to the regulations regarding the chassis profile have called for some detail adjustments.


The side crash elements have had a significant influence on the form of the side pods which is clearly visible in the design of the car. The cooling air intakes are slightly larger than those of last year’s car because the cooling requirements of the power unit and ancillaries have increased considerably.  For the same reason, the vertically mounted radiators are now significantly larger.  Again, the engineers have built a degree of flexibility into their design to allow scope to react should requirements shift in one or other direction.

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Sembra una soluzione in stile McLaren ma più spigolosa. Meh.


Sarà  impressione dovuta all'angolazione poco felice, ma anche a me sembra meno pulita rispetto alla McLaren.


cioè ma hanno fatto una presentazione con due immagini così straccione? :asd:


Questi paper-launch sono di una tristezza incredibile... Bei tempi quando la presentazione della nuova monoposto era un evento... Ma ora tutti vogliono rimanere con le carte coperte fino all'ultimo secondo, i soldi non centrano a mio avviso...

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